Soccer Sod Fundraiser

You are the owner of a major league soccer team and you just signed one of the world’s most famous players for $250 million. Part of the contract is a required charitable contribution of $2 million to the player’s favorite charity, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You have a fundraising idea. Once your new player’s golden cleats have touched the field in the first home game, you will cut up the sod in the center circle (10 yard radius) and sell it in patches at $5 per square inch over the internet to soccer sports fans around the world, with all funds going to charity. (Your expert ground crew will lay new sod the very same day.) Assuming all the sod patches sell, how much of the $2 million will you raise?

(True story: When the band The Beatles toured the USA at the height of Beatlemania in 1964, one hotel pulled the carpet in their rooms after the band’s stay and sold it in small patches to frenzied fans. No report on how much money was raised and where it ended up.)

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