High Tech Sinks Blimp

You pay the bills by being a marketer during the week but on the weekends you are a high tech inventor working out of your garage. Wha-la! You develop a solar powered flying saucer that can hover effortlessly for hours over sporting events, parades and beach crowds. Now you want to sell advertising on the bottom side of your craft and get rich. Your advertisers insist on paying by the square foot and they insist that the underside of your craft, a perfect flat circle, has the same square footage as a standard 14 ft. x 48 ft. billboard. What does the radius of your flying saucer need to be? Will it fit in your 20 ft. wide double car garage?

Bonus question: What will you do with your vast wealth? Arte Moreno made a fortune in the terrestrial billboard business and bought the Anaheim Angels baseball team.

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